The Now and After works by Alison Hiltner - In creative conjunction with Nobel Conference 56 September 16th - October 23rd 2020 > It Was Tomorrow and It Is Yesterday

It Was Tomorrow and It Is Yesterday places the viewer into science fiction styled interpretations of the natural world. The main ingredient of this work is microalgae, more specially Spirulina. I selected this species because of its frequent connection to being utilized as a CO2 scrubber/oxygen generator and fuel source; it is a journey into cultivating and utilizing this difficult to define organism, cyanobacteria. Spirulina is neither flora or fauna; instead it is a mixture of neither and both, deriving its energy from photosynthesis (its only solid connection to flora), it also possesses the infrastructure of a unicellular parasite.

The blooms encased inside vinyl sacs respond to CO2 data collected by blowing into a sensor apparatus, participants start an exchange where the cyanobacteria release a unified sigh of oxygenated air. Viewers can breathe into the sensor apparatus within the gallery and the duration of the aeration pumps attached to the cyanobacteria sacs will quicken in response to the breath input, creating a rhythmic rudimentary form of communication.

It Was Tomorrow and It Is Yesterday
It Was Tomorrow and It Is Yesterday
8 plastic polymer vessels filled with cyanbacteria (spirulina); sensors; tubing; pumps; various metals and found objects