Despite Distance... > Jana Blomberg

My photography and sculpture provides the method I use to alter the perspective of objects to find beauty and mystery. I take things that can be found in people’s everyday surroundings but change the objects to abstract them; to pull away from their original source. By taking wooden chairs and balancing the elements on each other, a structure is created. My goal is to have the structure touching the ground as minimally as possible. The objects are in unconditional orientations, balancing in impossible ways, while still creating movement. Little or no glue nor tape is used to hold the sculptures together, relying solely on gravity, tension, and other forces.

My photography is working in tandem with these same goals. All of my artwork exists within a postmodern framework. Meaning, the viewer collaborates with me to complete the meaning as they guess the subjects of the photographs. Together a visual poem is created. Using a macro lens, I have photographed repulsive subjects such as human hair brushes or human nail clippings. Formal art choices such as composition, color, and scale recontextualize these objects and sometimes exploit comic relief but always offers a fresh way of seeing.

There are many ways to create art and art is all around if you are looking for it.