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I am an interdisciplinary artist whose works in scenic design and studio art inform one another. My scenic designs are based on narratives, from which I pull representative emotions. I carry this methodology into my studio practice where I translate emotion into abstract form shown in my sculptures. My process begins by identifying an emotion as the foundation for concept. That concept then drives the form, and I decide on the medium with which to work according to what mode of working and materials will communicate the concept. My work with synesthesia uses many mediums and focuses on my perception of reality.
I think very spatially-- my two-dimensional works imply space and depth, and my three-dimensional works play with form and dimension. When creating a three-dimensional piece, I consider the form from three hundred degrees. When creating an environment, I consider all aspects of the space in order to create a fully immersive experience for the viewer. I have been inspired by nature, other artists, and my recent semester studying in Italy. My experience studying in Italy last semester had a large impact on my aesthetic sensibility. Being able to experience historic sculptures in person gave me an even greater appreciation for three dimensional work. I am very drawn to the curves of the body and this is reflected in my drawings. Dynamic movement, balance, and textures are evident throughout my photography and other works. When creating scenic designs, I want to create a set that has overall balance but keeps the viewer’s eye moving around the environment. In my studio art, I focus on movement through line and form. My sculptures direct the viewer's eye around the balanced piece.
My work is process oriented. I begin with an emotion I want to convey and imagine the big picture of what I want to create. Then I conduct extensive and detail-oriented research as a foundation for designing, drafting, constructing, and painting. My research includes finding inspiration images and information on how to construct specific forms and manipulate materials. My process involves cycles of detail-oriented research, experimentation and refinement to achieve an overall aesthetic goal.